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Favorite Creative Photos

So this post is yet another great excuse to creatively procrastinate. I fear making too much progress too fast on my latest novel, “Fractured Dreams” (find my published works of fiction at

I recently switched from pro photographer software called Lightroom and Photoshop to a newer incarnation called ON1 Photo Raw (that’s all you need to know if you’re not a photographer… it’s good stuff).

During that conversion process, I revisited some of my favorite images from the not-so-distant past. So I thought I’d share a bunch with you a few at a time. In other words, many of these images aren’t new material, but much I haven’t shared with you before. Or it was so long ago, you’ve forgotten, and I’ll just pretend this stuff is new (to you), okay, my friends?

First off, several favorites from my Africa Trek experience (quite) a while back:

You look ridulous! How do I look?

Mama!  Mama!  Wait  up!

I was making this big fellow nervous with my proximity. A bit scary this close to a six thousand pound hippo.

Long gone but still hanging around.

Yo! Dude! Back off!

White WINO! I said white WINO!

Comin’ out… ready or not.


Do NOT screw with the man’s nap time…


Yeah, you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing.




Read my lips!

What do you mean, “no tongue”? How about a little necking?

Yeah, a big kid having fun. You got a problem with that? You talkin’ to me? Okay!


Now a few more that are slightly farther “out there.”

Here’s my buddy Buddy


A landscape with high drama? Why not?


How about a red tail hawk that glows?

Enough for now.

Keep snappin’!


P.S.  See for access to my published novels. Yeah, it’s another whole… thing.

Well, once again, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you. Once again, quite a lot has been going on out here in the SW Arizona desert.

Hello from Quartzsite, Arizona. Why the camels? Click here to find out.

Hello from Quartzsite, Arizona. Why the camels? Click here to find out.

My own perspective on "Humpy the Camel"

My own perspective on “Humpy the Camel”

Quartzsite RV Show

While there are what reportedly are hundreds of thousands of RVs in the Quartzsite area again this year (you can see them spread out for as far as the eye can see out across the desert when descending into the valley from ten miles away. Many of them are here for the entire winter season), the RV show here is somewhat unique from other large shows across the country. Here, RVers are already here, and for the most part, the RV show comes to THEM.

So we spent a couple of pretty long days wandering around the Quartzsite RV Show,  seeking to blow money on stuff we neither really needed nor could afford… the American dream. I believe we all exercised remarkable constraint, yet still managed to spend more than we should have. Surprised?


A 20 acre tent is only a portion of this show that spread all over town. Quite a production.

A 20 acre tent is only a portion of this show that spread all over town. Quite a production.

Surviving the Quartzsite Post Office!

There’s even a T-shirt proclaiming this. Why? Well, there are literally tens of thousands of “campers” in the Quartzsite area who have no permanent address – not even an RV park since most are simply parked somewhere in the desert on (BLM) government land.

Nor do most of these “dry campers” or “wild campers” (or boondockers)  invest in a mail forwarding service. Additionally, a lot of these folks stay put out there for the entire winter season. This means they can only receive their mail via general delivery at the tiny little local post office. And that institution only dispenses general delivery mail between the hours of 11AM and 1PM Monday through Saturday.

This also means that desert campers are lined up at this minuscule institution well before 11AM, so the line folds back on itself many times, out the door, out onto the sidewalk and well into the parking lot where it’s impossible to find a place to park within about a block during these hours in any event. There might be a place to park at the flea market down the block!

All we wanted to do was to renew our address change to our mail forwarding service – an annual event for all full-timers who have not yet taken the step to permanently change their address to that of their mail forwarding service.

We kept coming back, hopeful for  “a quieter time” three days in a row before Kay charged up to the desk through the midst of the waiting throngto ask at the window if we needed to wait in line (nope, just fill out a card).

While I attempted to perform this annual task online, the USPS web site simply would not accept any of my credit card billing addresses, all of which now are my mail forwarding service address at St. Brendan’s Isle. They charge one dollar to a card to verify the requester’s identity. The site pukes whenever a mail forwarding service is used as a card’s billing address. It’s now our only alternative, so we stand in line like mere mortals.

This is an interesting phenomenon only enjoyed by full-timers (in RVs, boats, etc).


Then there are the music jams at almost every RV park, town halls and senior centers in this area of SW Arizona. Here’s how that works.

Anyone who shows up with a musical instrument or vocal chords they wish to project into a stage microphone signs up on a list and a performer announces to all other musicians in what key their selected song is written, and away we all go. End of song… next on the list. Simple. I was surprised that even an extrovert like me got nervous before taking the stage the first time. Huh. I haven’t signed up to sing yet, though. The performers range from long-time professionals to rank amateurs.

It has been a very educational performance experience for a closet amateur like me, but for my career musician brother, Rod? Not so much. In fact, I’ve enjoyed watching Rod perform professionally on occasion over the course of the last few  decades, but this week I experienced an interesting role reversal.

This week there was a gospel jam at a nearby RV resort. Even though Rod brought his bass guitar, when he saw there were at least two other bass players on stage, he opted out while I ended up performing with him, his wife Carolyn and my dear heart, Kay in an audience of 100+ tolerant listeners. That was not only a special moment for me, it was just a lot of fun.


On the previous Sunday, upon our return from the Bluegrass Festival, for the first time ever, Rod and I played together “on stage” (such as it was). For Rod, I’m sure it was an exercise in patience. For me, it was a good workout!


Even more fun, however, were the jams with just the two of us in my trailer comprising  long overdue time spent bonding with my little brother and getting tips from a pro about singing and playing? In a word, awesome! Thanks Bro’

Diversity is still a valued trait, at least within the RV community.

For example, to our passenger’s side, the rig next door was a modest fifteen year old 23′ bumper pull trailer up until yesterday. To our driver’s side, that rig is a forty-five Prevost Liberty that cost $1.4 million in 2006. Yet we all stand around shooting the shit like the sincerest of long-lost friends and neighbors. If only we could remain confident that degree of inclusivity and positive sincerity would continue to warm the hearts of everyone who lives in or has immigrated to this great nation.

Bluegrass Festival

Last Sunday, the four of us drifted the forty miles or so over to the last day of the thirtieth annual Bluegrass Festival in Blythe, California. This was a relatively small and intimate event featuring some really outstanding musical talent, both indoors and outdoors.


The outdoor stage was as well attended despite the cool weather


We enjoyed several bands performing on the indoor stage (where it was warmer!)

A nice quiet picnic lunch in the parking lot.

A nice quiet picnic lunch in the parking lot.

Since leaving Mesa and my painting friends, I’m working on improving my fundamental drawing skills and placing my painting efforts on hold for now.


img_8710img_8653Well, you get the idea. On a more fun topic, we sat around the campfire last night eating Kay’s wonderful spaghetti. The fact that the fire was propane-powered, that it was only fifty degrees didn’t detract from the experience one bit!


Note Carolyn is still running their business remotely (I think) while Rod, Kay and I chow down!

So until… and wherever… Gimages

The Grand Canyon Inspires

I just wanted to share a few images I created from our visit to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon this week… you can see the entire collection by clicking here and here.



Cheers! Gene

Pueblo Collection New Mexico

Pueblo_1 sig.jpgPueblo_4 sig.jpg_DSC0072_pe.jpgPueblo_2 sig.jpg

Pueblo_5 sig.jpgpueblo ladder.jpg


Montana & Wyoming Musings


Rock Creek, Red Lodge, Montana

Hot Springs Eternally Bad For Trees

Fun for the Eye, Bad for the Trees – Upper Terrace of Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Bound for the north entrance of Yellowstone in Gardiner, Montana

Bound for the north entrance of Yellowstone near Gardiner, Montana

The infamous Grizzly. Bad reputation for human consumption, not often seen.

The infamous Montana Grizzly. Bad reputation for human consumption, not often seen. I got close to this bad boy, only because he was stuffed in the Yellowstone Albright Center.

babbling brook fract-Edit.jpg

Ubiquitous Brook Babbling!


Gnarly Light ‘n Shadow


A Few More Old Faves

As we’ve moved on from Sturgis to Montana’s Paradise Valley, I’m reminiscing of our time on the water not that long ago, and felt compelled to share a few more of my favorite images…

Nassau FB-Edit-Edit.jpg

After so many years plying these waters, the old saying, “different island, same shit” comes to mind. Having said that, lots of beauty down there. This, as I recall is Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas.


St Maarten in the Leward Islands of the Caribbean, maybe? Yeah, yeah, very nice, right?


Maybe the Dutch side of that same island? I forget… but I liked the name of this bar and their slogan.


So for what do you figure they’re congratulating each other?


Chillin’ in the Windwards (Grenada, maybe?) off the coast of Trinidad & Venezuela with dear cruising friends

Happy Hour Silhouette.jpg

Hey, Skipper, happy hour?


Water spout in Charlotte Harbor near Punta Gorda, Florida

Nyhavn 2 ZF.jpg

Boats, ice ‘n snow in the Nyhavn neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark

Neglected Not Forgotton.jpg

Neglected but not forgotten – found in a barn in St John, Newfoundland


Weaver Bottoms on the Mississippi near Winona, Minnesota (I think)…

Atlantic Anchorage.jpg

I pose in the moonlight on the foredeck of our beloved pilothouse motorsailer, Sojourn, at anchor off the Atlantic coast of Florida

Sunset Dreamin'_.jpg

Key West dreamin’…

DSC_0233 ZF.jpg

Coal miner in West Virginia or Greek deck hand in the Aegean Cyclades? 



A friend of a friend – thanks Andy…


A 500 HP motorcycle? You da boss, Dan!


Correct just one eye, Dude!


So what’s she supposed to be? A bird? Penguin? Duck? Who cares?

top ha fractt.jpg

Hey! Look at us!

Sturgis 2016

First blush of the Rally. More later.

Also see last year’s collection here, including a collection of abstract motorcycle art I call, “Organic Iron” posted September 8, 2015. I’m still very fond of that collection whose genesis was at a motorcycle museum at the infamous Buffalo Chip Campground.

Now on to some new stuff:


More trikes (three wheel motorcycles) every year…


One of the bartenders hard at work at One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon in Sturgis. That thong just CAN’T be comfortable, can it? They have over a hundred bars at Jack’s and these gals make a LOT of money looking good & pouring drinks. Good for them. They all choose their own wardrobe, by the way, and come from all over the country to work the Rally. 


Body Art is a popular theme among this crowd, obviously


My favorite real estate agent in Sturgis. I thought it ballsy that she was working a house sale while acting out her fantasy. By the way, the law says they gotta keep their junk and their nips covered. Other than that… and oh, I saw a few paint jobs that never should’ve come out of the body shop. Again, kudos to those who are willing to go out on a limb (pun intended). Not this old bone bag, though!


Here is a less flattering version – heavily “Photoshopped”. This is what she’ll look like if she has her body painted for the Rally of 2046


Blue Heaven!

And below is my beloved copilot and yours truly…


More later. Cheers! Gene

Faves Too

Maudlin reminiscing continues as I review some of my favorite images with you. I hope you enjoy them…

kids-n-friends 10x8.jpg




Eye See You!


Wheelhouse Helm.jpg

Wheelhouse Helm of our Beloved M/S Sojourn, our home of many years


gene in brass-tax-1-frac 1966.jpg

The “Brass Tax” (circa 1966). That blonde playing the trumpet is yours truly.


Angelic ZF.jpg

Genteel Maiden Fair


Home from the Fields ZF.jpg

Home from the Fields



Curious Fellow


Bed Balancing 11x14 240.jpg

Beast of Burden


Gene painting circa 1975.jpg

Impression of Yours Truly Circa 1975 (Age 26)


Bello Bows 11-Edit.jpg

An Icon of the American Circus Retires


Ring Master ZF.jpg

Remember the Ringmaster

Windswept Boca Grande Light Station

Windswept Boca Grande Light Station


A Day at the Office

A Day at the Office

I really like taking really good photographs and then getting creative with them… sometimes in ways others don’t seem to understand. Sometimes I turn them into paintings equally misunderstood. Hey, what’s life without a few enigmas! And then others, more traditional, also are fun to create.

Here are a few of my favorites from awhile back…  after perusing this collection, feel free to browse some of my other galleries on this site…

Mountaintop Hotel in ios_4x6 crop sig_edited-1.jpg

A charming hotel at sunset on a mountain top of a Greek Isle called Ios.


little kids on a string sat lighting sig_edited-1.jpg

Preschoolers roped together at an intersection in downtown Mankato, Minnesota


annrubyfalls sig.jpg

Ann Ruby Falls somewhere in Georgia (I forget where)


empty marina 2010102373.jpg

The empty docks outside the Isles yacht club in Punta Gorda, Florida after a major economic downturn.


Midweek Sidewalkin'.jpg

The Spirit of Sturgis



Ride or Die, Baby!



Full Throttle with Me ‘n My Hound


gun bones 3.jpg

Second Amendment Rights or Wrongs



Its All About Me, Right? Sincerely, Lola



Sunset Cruise



A Reunion of Sorts



The Entrepeneur


four cowboys fract-2-Edit.jpg

Time in a Bottle


Athens Street Art

Athens Street Art


Captain Ahab's Obsession

Captain Ahab’s Obsession

Eyes Wide Open in Savannah

Savannah Eye


Amphitheater Moods on the Acropolis

Moody Amphitheater (Acropolis in Athens)


Watercolor Impressions of Tara Running With the Wind (Florida Keys)

Watercolor Impressions of Tara Running With the Wind (Florida Keys)

Sojourn in Burnt Store Marina, SW Florida

Sojourn in Burnt Store Marina, SW Florida


Mammoth Springs Basin, Yellowstone

Mammoth Springs Basin, Yellowstone







In Loving Memory of Cubby

In Loving Memory of Cubby


Yellow Canna

Yellow Canna

Please do be sure to check out my other galleries. Something for everyone whose taste isn’t all in their mouth! (sorry)